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LOGBOX of Freight Village Group is testing a scheduled container service on Vorsino–Stupino route

20 june 2019

Logbox, LLC (operating under the brand name LOGBOX) jointly with Russian Railways, JSC are testing Vorsino– Stupino–Vorsino route under the scope of the Smart Logistics project.

Shortened container trains consisting of seven 80-foot fitting platforms will be sent by a new route every Thursday until the end of July 2019.

The transport and logistics solution offered by the Company allows replacing the last mile logistics with heavy-duty road vehicles, lessening the load on the infrastructure of the Moscow Region. At the same time, such service ensures maximum proximity to the customer’s warehouses and significantly reduces the trucking distance from the terminal to the final unloading point. Cargo is delivered by rail to Stupino and Vorsino, and then delivered to consumers by light-duty trucks.

Previously, the concept of the Smart Logistics project was supported by a task force of the Moscow Department of Transportation. In order to implement the new technology an agreement with Russian Railways, JSC was signed, following which the first transportation to Kuntsevo terminal in test mode took place in October 2018.

“The project allows us for additional loading of terminal facilities of Russian Railways, JSC. The main advantages of Stupino station are container freight stations allowing to handle shortened trains with existing loading and unloading mechanisms, and the existing passenger traffic density allowing to allocate a scheduled train path for the project. Besides, there are storage facilities at the station, that can also be used,” stated Alexey Belsky, Head of the Branch Office of the Central Directorate for Management of the Terminal and Warehouse Complex of Russian Railways, JSC.

“It’s planned to carry out transportation at night, thus, it makes possible to avoid any interference with suburban passenger trains.”

“When coming down in favor on the side of Stupino, we were guided by the assessment of the potential customer database in the area where the station is. It’s important for us to ensure maximum loading of smart trains on their way back,” explained Yury Sukmanov, Director General of Logbox, LLC. “There are warehouses in relative proximity to the station in Domodedovo and Chekhov districts, wherefrom we can also pick up cargo both for delivery to Moscow Region and for shipping domestically and internationally from Vorsino terminal.”

Russo Trans was a partner of Logbox in the implementation of the project on the new route. “Our company provided cargo for shipping in test mode, as well as our own vehicles for cargo delivery,” noted Yury Morozov, Director General of Russo Trans.

“The “seamless” technology used in the project significantly saves the wait-time upon container delivery at the terminal, allowing to reduce the number of cargo handling operations.”

LOGBOX (Logbox, LLC) renders intermodal transport services for the transportation of cargoes in containers on a turnkey basis. It’s actively promoting the departure of shortened container trains from terminal to terminal. It’s a member of Freight Village Group of Companies, which implements projects on the establishment of large multimodal production and logistics centers in Vorsino (on the border between New Moscow and Kaluga Region) and Rosva (near Kaluga) industrial parks.

The largest Group’s asset is Vorsino transport and logistics center, where rail container terminal (7 railway tracks of 1.05 km), multimodal customs area, Class A cross-docking warehouses, multifunctional industrial facilities (100 thous. sq. m) are located. The terminal’s design capacity is 350 thous. TEU. The terminal operator is FVK Sever, LLC, 70% — Freight Village, 30% —TransContainer, PJSC.

Russo Trans, CJSC was incorporated in 2000. Being a well-established medium-sized company, it holds a leading market position in the container transport in the Central Region of Russia based on a set of indicators. It possesses its own production facilities. The container transportation traffic amounts to 50-70 containers per day,and the day-to-day manageable container pool amounts to 800 containers per day. It operates its own fleet of freight trucks for container transport.

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