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Sergey Pavlov: “In 2024, the Company plans to increase the transit speed of container trains to 1,400 km / day”

23 october 2020

“Despite the significant growth in container traffic on the China-Europe route this year, it is necessary to continue to increase train speeds. This will make it possible to attract more products made by the world’s leading concerns to rail transport,” said Sergei Pavlov, First Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways. Pavlov was speaking at the panel discussion “Let's Come Together. Improving the Efficiency of International Transportation,” which was held at the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Movement 1520.

According to Pavlov, the target benchmark for the transit speed of a container train is 1,350-1,400 km / day by 2024, up by nearly 35% to 40% compared to the 2019 speed of 1,058 km / day.

These higher speeds can be achieved and facilitated, among other things, by optimising down time when the wagons are lying idle between consignments and increasing the scope of service on guaranteed stretches that have reduced stops and inspections.

Pavlov said that the key factors in efficient transportation were the tariff component, the coordinated tariff policy pursued on the broad gauge 1520 Space by rail companies, and the special tariffs that have long since been established on Russian railways along the main transit routes. All these factors, and taking into account the tariffs operating on adjacent railway lines, provide a competitive through-rate along the entire route.

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