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Smart Logistics

Freight Village Ru Group of Companies, including LOGBOX, implements the Smart Logistics Technology at the Moscow Transport Hub yard. This product is based on cargo delivery by shortened container trains (shuttles), making scheduled trips on a regular basis from major transport and logistics hubs to freight stations in Moscow Region, and then by light-duty moving vans from there to the final consumer.

Smart Logistics is:
Fast delivery of cargo on schedule
Customer's spending optimization
Reduction of cargo handling operations
The ability to select customized transport solution
Project support by the Government of Moscow and Russian Railways, JSC
How does it work?
1) Full-length container trains (71 wagons) arrive at Vorsino (terminal and logistics center on the border between New Moscow and Kaluga Region) from international and domestic originations. 2) Customs clearance of cargo and deconsolidation of containers. 3) Preparation of consignments for a container shuttle (7 to 10 wagons) and delivery from Vorsino to distribution terminals in Moscow. 4) Cargo delivery by light-duty trucks to the end customer. Transportation from Vorsino to Moscow is carried out at night, which allows us to avoid any interference with suburban passenger trains. When shipped back from Moscow to Vorsino, the customer’s containers can be reloaded at the terminal to the scheduled freight trains of container operators for further shipment to the regions of the Russian Federation.
What are the benefits of this technology for a customer?
Significant wait-time savings upon container delivery
Scheduled service and through rates
Preliminary container unstuffing option
Customs clearance, temporary storage warehouses
Pickup of cargo at the terminal by your own light-duty vehicle
Optimization of expenses for consignment processing and warehouse maintenance
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